All About Me! :)

My name is Savanna I’m 9 years old and in the 4th grade My favorite thing to do is play Roblox I also play the piano and Minecraft. My favorite place to go is Disney land. I have 3 siblings, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 20 fish, and 2 guinea pig’s. My favorite food is chocolate ice cream, I also like mint and chip. And I am allergic to marshmallow’s. My favorite animal’s are bunnies, cats, dogs, and hamsters. My favorite color’s is pink, yellow, and blue. I have traveled to Hawaii and lost Vegas. My hobbies are piano, art and music. My favorite season is Fall, my favorite holiday is Christmas. I was actually born in San Diego then my mom and dad moved here when I was a baby.My favorite movie is Jungle cruise. But my favorite thing to watch is Youtube. I have 6 friends, Mia, Celia, Addison, Ivi, Jordan, and Anabel. And I hope to meet more. I have a art business, and draw things for people. My favorite subject is math,and reading. And My favorite teacher is Mrs. Smiley. 


Welcome everyone to my brand new blog! :)

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